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Hi, I’m Kim!


I’m the creator of Wild Orgasmic Wisdom, a sex, love, and relationship coaching philosophy. I’m a unique facet of divine play who is in love with love. As a VITA™ certified Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach, I work with individuals and couples to guide them to the most playful, joyful, successful, and expansive versions of themselves.


As someone who struggled with depression her entire life, I’m well-versed in traditional methods of psychotherapy, and can remember speaking to my first counselor when I was 6 years old. After many years of talk therapy, esoteric and erotic self-study, and my own experiences as a psychonaut, I began to feel like I was outgrowing my traditional therapist. I wanted a coach who was optimistic; who believed in me and my ability to heal, grow, and transform, and who would encourage me that it was totally possible to find true love and the relationship of my dreams.

The coach I sought showed up effortlessly in my life with divine timing, and was able to hold me accountable for how I was showing up in and creating my own life. I had already followed my intuition years earlier in becoming a registered yoga teacher and massage therapist, because I knew that by learning heal myself I could help others do the same. Eventually, I awoke to the fact that I already had many tools to be be a powerful and loving coach for other people looking for deep and lasting transformation in their lives. I completed a 650-hour training in Layla Martin’s VITA Coaching Method with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, and then completed the advanced 100-hour training specifically in Integrated Relationship Coaching.

I believe in your unique power to create exactly what you want, or something even more incredible, whether that’s true love, financial freedom, or safety in your nervous system after experiencing trauma. Your desires are sacred, you are a wonderful and beautiful being, and I can’t wait to reflect that back to you in our “play” together!

Learning, healing, and growth gets to be fun and easy. Let me show you how.




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